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Mold: The Nitty-Gritty Facts

12/27/2017 (Permalink)

It’s safe to say the no one wants mold growing in their home. It’s a form of fungus that can run rampant and not only cause damage to your home but to your health. We’re laying out the facts about mold so you can keep your home and family safe this year.

Mold loves moist, warm, and humid environments.

So, basically all of Bay County, Florida. When mold spores land on spots that are damp, they start to grow by digesting materials around them.

There are four common indoor molds.

The first is called Alternaria, often found in damp indoor spaces likes showers and faucets. The second, Aspergillus, thrives on dust – think powdery food items and drywall. Cladosporium, the third common mold type, is a double threat growing in both warm and cool areas. This is the type of mold you would typically find on fabric and wood surfaces. The fourth mold is Penicillium, known for its blue and green appearance and often appearing on water damaged materials.

Mold grows FAST. 

The moment spores attach to an item they begin feeding, allowing mold to grow within a 24 to 48-hour period. It only takes 1 to 12 days for mold to colonize, which is why it’s important to remove it as soon as possible upon discovering it.

There are many ways for mold to get into your home. 

Although invisible to the naked eye, mold spores can be found everywhere indoor and outdoor. They can travel through the air or attach themselves to objects, pets, and even people. Mold only begins to grow and become a problem when the spores land somewhere with ideal environmental conditions. This usually means anywhere with warmth and moisture, such as windows where condensation builds up, areas where leakage and flooding has occurred, damp paper products and cardboard, insulation materials, and more.

Mold should be dealt with immediately.

With its rapid growth and harmful effects on both health and home, mold should be dealt with immediately and professionally to ensure its complete removal.

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