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Springtime Travel Plans? Safeguard Your Home Against Water Damage!

4/11/2022 (Permalink)

Leaves being cleaned out of a rain gutter on a home Prep your property before traveling!

The spring and summer months mean warmer temperatures, blooming foliage, and for many Bay County families, travel plans.  Whether you are relaxing in the mountains, or spending time with loved ones in another state, the last thing you want is a phone call saying, “I’m so sorry, but there’s been a water damage at your home.”  Help safeguard yourself and your property against this scenario by prepping your home before heading out of town.  How, you ask?  SERVPRO of Bay County offers these tips: 

  • Turn off the main water supply to your house before leaving. Since the water will not be in use, it may be beneficial to keep the water from flowing in case of a plumbing issue.
  • Check your pipes for any corrosion, cracks, or leaks before heading out.
  • Clear out debris from rain gutters. Clogged gutters can allow rainwater to back up onto your roof.
  • Double check that all doors and windows are closed and locked. Not only is this imperative to keep your property safe from burglary but can also help limit water intrusion.
  • Have a friend or neighbor check in on your home. Depending on the length of time you will be away, this approach may help limit the extent of damages if they were to occur.

In the unfortunate event that you do incur water damages at home while you travel, or at any other time, know that SERVPRO of Bay County is Here to Help.  Our team of experienced professionals utilizes industry leading equipment and techniques to quickly address these damages and begin the -mitigation process.  Looking to learn more about our services, or in need of assistance?  Give us a call at 850-785-1077!

Attention Insurance Agents and Adjusters!

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Chalkboard with the Words "Continuing Education" written on it Looking for Continuing Education courses? Call SERVPRO of Bay County at 850-785-1077

Are you looking for a new, interactive way to earn your Continuing Education credits?  Are you ready to advance your knowledge of cleanup and restoration?  Look no further!  SERVPRO of Bay County offers a variety of for-credit Continuing Education courses, FREE OF CHARGE! That’s right!  Our team is proud to be of service to our local insurance community, helping them to fulfill their credit obligations, while presenting relevant, real-world information in a fun fashion!

SERVPRO of Bay County understands how busy and hectic your day-to-day schedule can be, so to accommodate more attendees, we are offering our courses BOTH virtually via webinar, and in person at our office, at the same time.  By choosing the style of attendance that fits YOU best, we hope to make the learning experience much more fun and memorable.  We offer a variety of 2 credit hour courses throughout the year, including:

  • Biohazard Cleanup
  • Cleaning and Restoring Smoke Damaged Contents
  • Deodorization of Malodors
  • Restoring Contaminated Buildings
  • Understanding Mold in the Restoration Industry

and, coming up on May 18th, 2022, we will be offering Restorative Drying for Water Damage in a dual in person/virtual presentation.  We hope that you can attend!

To learn more about SERVPRO of Bay County’s Continuing Education offerings, register for our upcoming course, or for any additional questions, please do not hesitate to reach out by calling 850-785-1077 and asking for Catherine, or emailing  Serving the communities of Panama City, Lynn Haven, Callaway, and surrounding areas, our team is Here to Help when disaster strikes, and with continuing education for our insurance community!

Over 3 Years Later – The Lingering Effects of Hurricane Michael

3/14/2022 (Permalink)

Satellite image of Hurricane Muchael over Florida Have residual effects of Hurricane Michael caused damage to your home or business? Give us a call; We're Here to Help!

October 10th, 2018:  a day that will never be forgotten by so many Bay County residents.   Hurricane Michael made landfall in Bay County, Florida, forever changing the landscape of the area, and affecting so many lives.  SERVPRO of Bay County worked, and continues to work, tirelessly to cleanup and restore the numerous homes and business affected by the storm’s landfall.  Now, along with the extensive damage caused by the initial storm strike, Bay County residents are facing lingering, residual effects of Hurricane Michael, which are causing additional threats to their homes and businesses:

  • Flooding – the Bay County area has seen an increase in flooding issues over the past couple of years. Areas that were unlikely to flood pre-Hurricane Michael are now seeing rising waters during periods of rainfall and thunderstorms.  Debris restricting drainage, a lack of trees to absorb the rainfall, and a changed terrain are a few of the theories as to why. 
  • Wildfires – Within just the past couple of weeks, Bay County has dealt with a barrage of wildfires, which are generally uncommon for the area. These fires, fueled by tons of downed timber left in Hurricane Michael’s path, grew rapidly, causing numerous evacuations of communities.  As a result of these fires, many homes sustained smoke, soot, and even flame damages.

SERVPRO of Bay County has worked hard for our community before and during Hurricane Michael and will continue to work hard in the “after” too.  Our highly trained team has the experience and resources to provide a variety of water, fire, and mold damage remediation services, taking great pride in providing the best possible customer service during times of disaster.  If you home has suffered damages from flooding, wildfires, or any other residual effects of Hurricane Michael, don’t hesitate to reach out, We’re Here to Help!

Addressing Water Damages – The SERVPRO of Bay County Way

2/25/2022 (Permalink)

Drying equipment in the lobby of a hotel on Panama City Beach, Florida Water Damage? We're Here to Help!

Residential homes, condominium complexes, apartment buildings, multi-unit shopping centers, warehouses, schools….all of these properties have one major commonality: the risk for water damage.  Large on small, day or night, first floor or fourteenth, SERVPRO of Bay County has the training, experience, and equipment to help make your damage “Like it never even happened.”  So, how, exactly do we handle water damages?

24/7/365 Emergency Response

The SERVPRO of Bay County team provides emergency water damage response all day, every day, because water damages do not adhere to business hours.  The sooner the mitigation process begins, the less likely additional or secondary damages are to occur.  This, in turn, reduces expense for your property remediation.

Industry Leading Equipment and Training

SERVPRO of Bay County employees undergo training from the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC), in a variety of courses, including Water Restoration.  This training is the industry standard on how to appropriately handle property damages caused by water intrusion.  By adhering to these standards, our team provides a consistent service on every job performed

Along with our extensive training and experience, SERVPRO of Bay County utilizes a variety of specialized equipment and chemicals to provide the most expedited process possible.  Including commercial grade fans, dehumidifiers, and air scrubbers, our selection of equipment is specifically placed throughout the structure to achieve optimal drying for the materials present.

Communication is Key!

Throughout the water damage restoration process, our team strives to provide the highest possible level of customer service.  We understand that a water damage, whether at your home or business, can be very stressful; to help alleviate this stress we work to keep the lines of communication open with all parties involved.  Our team is experienced in working directly with insurance carriers, homeowner’s associations, property managers, and many other kinds of stakeholders.

When water damage strikes, know that SERVPRO of Bay County is Here to Help.  Serving the communities of Panama City, Panama City Beach, and surrounding areas, we are just one call away.  Need Assistance? Call 850-785-1077!

Prepare Your PETS for Stormy Weather, too!

2/17/2022 (Permalink)

Photo of a cat and a dog on a white background Prepare your PETS for stormy weather situations!

Community members throughout the Florida Panhandle are all too familiar with making storm preparations for themselves, their children, and their properties, especially for hurricane season.  When making these preparations, be sure to plan for your PETS in the case of a storm emergency, too!  There are many steps that can be taken to ensure your pets are well taken care of when storms roll through:

  • Have your pets microchipped. If you and your pet are unfortunately separated during a storm event, having a microchip with updated contact information is one of the best ways to ensure that you will be reunited.
  • Make sure pets are wearing a collar. Just as a microchip can serve as a method of providing contact information, a collar with accurate tags can do the same.  The pet’s name, your contact phone number, and the name of the pet’s veterinary office should all be included. 
  • Prepare an emergency kit for each pet. Items that you will want to include are pet food, medications (if applicable), food and water bowls, bottled water, vaccination records, carrier and/or leash, and pet toys.  Make sure this kit is easily accessible in case evacuation is required.
  • Identify pet friendly shelters/lodging. When considering evacuation routes and plans, be sure to check for pet friendly locations.  You may want to plan for your pets to stay with a family member or friend outside of the evacuation area, as many shelters do not accept pets. 
  • Prepare a “safe space” for your pets inside your home. Many pets experience storm anxiety and may become scared during episodes of loud thunder, heavy rain, or gusty winds.  Have a safe space within your home, such as a kennel, that you pet feels comfortable in.  Provide plenty of blankets and toys in this area when storms arise.

Serving the communities of Panama City Beach, Lynn Haven, Callaway, and surrounding areas, SERVPRO of Bay County is Here to Help if storms cause damage to your home or business.  Available 24/7/365, our team of experienced professionals takes great pride in providing the highest possible level of customer service to our community members when disaster strikes.  To learn more about our services, or request assistance, please give us a call at 850-785-1077.

Gulf Coast Jam’s Kickoff Party 2022!

1/28/2022 (Permalink)

Gulf Coast Jam Logo with Tickets on a multi colored background Stay Tuned to SERVPRO of Bay County for updates about Gulf Coast Jam 2022!

SERVPRO of Bay County is always looking for a way to support our community, and this time around we have found the perfect event!  All new for the year 2022, Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam will be adding a “Thursday Night Kickoff Party” to the weekend lineup!  This night provides an opportunity for locals, who are usually working during the 3-day weekend event, to be able to attend and enjoy the festivities.

Along with presenting sponsors Royal American and People’s First Insurance, SERVPRO of Bay County is proud to serve as the parking sponsor for this Thursday night addition to benefit our local community.  The Kickoff Party for 2022 is being headlined by country music star Brett Young, with supporting acts Jameson Rodgers, Niko Moon, and Casi Joy.  Bringing #CountryOnTheCoast for all to enjoy, this event will be one that you do not want to miss!

Stayed tuned to SERVPRO of Bay County on Facebook (SERVPRObaycounty) and Twitter (@SERVPRObayco) for additional event details, information about the Pepsi Gulf Coast Jam weekend, and maybe even a chance to win Thursday night tickets.  SERVPRO of Bay County, a locally owned and operated franchise, is Here to Help when disaster strikes, AND to support our community by partnering with great events like these!

When the Fire Suppression System Fails…

1/24/2022 (Permalink)

Water damaged flooring with insulation scattered around Commercial Water Damage? We're Here to Help!

…an extensive amount of water is released in a very short amount of time.  That’s exactly what happened this weekend.  Mid-day Sunday, the phone rings.  A local commercial building, approximately 8,000 square feet, has had a fire suppression system failure, allowing water to rush through the entire building.  Along with the water, insulation has been washed throughout.  The point of contact, knowing this is a serious property damage emergency, tells us “I need help.”

And that’s exactly what our team does: help.  Immediately after receiving the call, multiple members of our team responded to the property, experience and equipment readied.  Working throughout the afternoon, we documented the loss, extracted the standing water, began removing the insulation littering the interior, and putting measure into place to limit further damages.  Working together as one team, we brought in resources and equipment from our sister franchises and stabilized the building.

SERVPRO of Bay County is proud to be of service to our community in their time of need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  With the manpower, resources, equipment, and expertise to handle damages of all shapes and sizes, we embody the statements of “Here to Help” and “Faster to any size disaster.”  If your commercial property is ever faced with a damage disaster, know that you can call on us for help, 850-785-1077. 

Professional Cleaning and Sanitation Services

12/6/2021 (Permalink)

Men in PPE We have the training, equipment, and experience to handle all sorts of specialty cleaning and sanitation needs!

Hoarding Cases, Crime Scenes, Biohazardous Waste…

These are all things that no home or business owner ever wants to deal with, unfortunately, they do occur from time to time.  Having a local professional that you can trust to provide industry leading cleaning and sanitation, coupled with exceptional customer service, is imperative when these sorts of issues arise.  SERVPRO of Bay County is trained to safely handle these types of situations, utilizing industry leading equipment and chemicals, to help return your property to its preloss state.  We’re available for emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and along with the situations mentioned above, are prepared to provide services for a variety of additional specialty cleaning needs:

  • Meth Lab Clean Up
  • Chemical Spills
  • Accident Scenes
  • Animal Waste Cleaning
  • Sewage Back-Ups

Working throughout the communities of Lynn Haven, Panama City Beach, and surrounding areas, SERVPRO of Bay County is only one call away at 850-785-1077 for your specialty cleaning needs.  To learn more about our services, please visit or give us a call today.

Tornado Talk – What’s the 411?

11/24/2021 (Permalink)

Tornado in a Bay County, Florida neighborhood Tornadoes can cause a great deal of damage! Stay safe, and trust SERVPRO of Bay County to help with your property damages.

The Bay County area is no stranger to severe weather.  From heavy downpours on a random Tuesday morning, to large, damaging tropical systems during hurricane season, our area sees more than its fair share of storms.  Along with the heavy winds and rain can sometimes come an even more damaging occurrence: tornadoes.  While many Floridians are very well versed in the specifics of hurricanes, not as many have the same level of knowledge when it comes to tornadoes.  So, let’s talk tornadoes… What’s the 411?

What (exactly) is a Tornado? defines a tornado as a “violent whirlwind that usually develops in association with a severe thunderstorm.”  Wind speeds within an intense tornado can reach upwards of 200 miles an hour, allowing for extensive damage to be created in the path.  Tornadoes can form over both land and water, and when formed over water are referred to as waterspouts.

Tornadoes in Florida

Tornadoes are more likely to occur in the Spring and Summer months in Florida, although the possibility does exist throughout the entire year.  Tornadoes generally form along strong sea-breeze boundary conditions (summer) and severe super-cell thunderstorm (spring).  Specifically in Florida, tornadoes are just as likely to occur in the nighttime hours as they are during the day.

Tornado Preparation

Although tornadoes can spawn and travel very quickly, it is important to always have a way to receive weather alerts and follow the guidance provided by local authorities.  Have a designated safe room: an area centrally located within your home and away from windows.  Shelter on the lowest level of the structure you are within if you are in the forecasted impact area.

After a Tornado

If a tornado has impacted your local area, think safety first!  Avoid downed power lines, stay out of damaged buildings, and watch for hazards such as broken glass.  Continue to follow the direction of local authorities in the area.

As of 2020, the Insurance Information Institute reports that tornadoes accounted for over eight billion in property damage across the United States.   If your property becomes a part of this unfortunate statistic, know that the team at SERVPRO of Bay County has the training, experience, and equipment to help.  Serving the communities of Mexico Beach, Lynn Haven, Panama City Beach, and surrounding areas, our team is “Faster to Any Size Disaster.”  To learn more, or request service, please give us a call at 850-785-1077.

Local Leader-Regional Reach-National Support

11/16/2021 (Permalink)

Trucks in front of a commercial building We're Here to Help, 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week!

When it comes to choosing a service provider for property damage, whether caused by fire, water, mold, or storms, consumers have a variety of choices at their disposal.  With the ease of internet searches, contact information for numerous organizations is right at your fingertips.  So, how do you determine WHO to TRUST as your Professional Cleanup and Restoration Organization, and WHY should you choose SERVPRO of Bay County?

  • SERVPRO of Bay County is a local leader in cleanup and restoration services. We have been operating in the Panhandle of Florida since the 1980’s, and during this time have developed numerous relationships with local community members, striving to provide the highest level of customer service alongside professional and ethical work standards.
  • SERVPRO of Bay County has two sister franchises, SERVPRO of North Pensacola and SERVPRO of Albany and Americus, under the same ownership. This regional structure provides us with the resources to respond at greater distances faster and work as one team to meet the needs of our clients.  We have many team members with highly specialized training and experience, giving us the ability to handle a variety of unique damage situations.
  • SERVPRO of Bay County is part of a franchise system with over 1,900 locations throughout the United States and Canada. This extensive network provides us with a wealth of equipment, resources, vendors, and labor to tackle even the largest of losses, all while maintaining the high level of customer service that consumers have come to know and trust from the SERVPRO brand.  As a large loss response team ourselves, SERVPRO of Bay County has assisted with property damages throughout the United States, giving us invaluable experience to bring back and utilize in our local communities.

When it comes to selecting a cleanup and restoration vendor, trust your local leader, with a regional reach, and national support: SERVPRO of Bay County.  Serving communities throughout the Panhandle of Florida, including Lynn Haven, Mexico Beach, and Panama City, our team is available for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.